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When God Removes Your Shelter

I haven’t written in a while, mostly because I don’t know what to write. I still have moments and days when the reality of the hardship I have been through rears its ugly head and I feel the pain all over again - the pain of struggling to get pregnant when it happens to others so easily, the pain of losing four babies before ever getting to meet them. But most days I’m blissfully happy - even though I feel like I’m in some kind of limbo. I’m happy to be pregnant, so happy, but anxious to deliver this baby, bring her home, and feel a little bit “safer.”
I’m not sure how much to write about what because I know that many of my readers are sweet women who are struggling through infertility or recurrent miscarriages or have recently lost a baby. I’m sure they aren’t too interested in ready my pregnancy updates or seeing pictures of an almost complete nursery. So I just haven’t written much at all.
But today I came across this story in my devotions and it was so meaningful to me. I could pict…