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Our First Adoption Event

What is an Adoption Event?

When we finished our home study and finalized our paperwork, we were invited to an "adoption party." Our caseworker told us that it was an event that included caseworkers, resource families (or families like us who are waiting to adopt), and children in need of forever homes.

At first, I thought that sounded really strange and uncomfortable. It sounded to me like shopping for your child. But then I suppose that adopting through DHS is different than other kinds of adoption because there is so much openness before adoption occurs. Both the families and the child or children, as well as various caseworkers, have to agree that it is a good fit before things move forward.

We were told that it was likely that none of the children at the event would be in our age range, but that it was a good idea to come anyway, just to get some experience with kids who are waiting for their families and network a bit with resource workers. And at any rate, it was going…

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