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The Little Thing that Makes a BIG Difference in Your Marriage

This post is painful for me to write. I have actually intended to write it several times, but my pride has gotten in the way each time. However, I know that this realization has been so wonderful for me and for my marriage, and it’s time to share it. Isn’t that what being a better blessing is? Taking something bad and using it for good?
Well, in this case, my “bad” has been nagging. Yes, I’m a wife who nags. (Ouch. There, I said it.) Now I’d like to think that my nagging isn’t too bad. I mean there are some women who nag all day about everything, and in a very condescending way, I might add. But then there are those who are craftier in their nagging, (me), who slip it in subtly and only occasionally.

Here’s what I mean . . .
Crazy Nagger: When are you going to clean out the garage? I can’t park in there! I’m so tired of getting soaked every time it rains because you have all of your tools everywhere.
Crazy Nagger (1 hour later): So I guess you’re not going to do anything about the ga…

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