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The First Two Weeks

We have now spent over two weeks with Little Man in our home and I can’t believe it! Well, I kind of can. In some ways it has flown by and in others, it has been a long week.
I never knew it was possible to have such a large range of emotions in such a short time. I have truly been on an emotional roller coaster. I have been excited, frustrated, terrified, proud, annoyed, and so much more.
The day before he came home with us, I felt like I was on a roller coaster going up that first big hill. Time slowed down and I had so much apprehension. Would this work? Would I be good at it? Would he like us? What were we doing? Why did we think we could handle this? Oh my goodness… maybe we’re not ready. But there is no backing out now — we’re strapped in and heading for the top!
Intake went as expected and Little Man came home with us and it was time for us to all find our new normal and start adjusting. There have certainly been surprises, but not all of them have been bad.
This little guy is…

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