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Do ALL to the Glory of God

Some days I struggle to find motivation to do the mundane tasks that are a part of my daily life as a mom at home. The kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes, the beds are all unmade, and clutter seems to be taking over my home. We're late getting out the door for school, I have nothing planned for dinner, and I don't put on "real pants" all day long. (Can I get an "Amen" for lounge pants?)

That's why reading a verse like this stings. "Do all to the glory of God." Yikes. Have I even done half to His glory today? How do I overcome this mental slump and get back on track? How do I do things like cooking and cleaning to His glory? Does that mean my house has to look perfect all the time? Does that mean I have to be perfect? If that's the case, why bother even trying? I know there's no way I can achieve perfection.

I think the key must lie in my contentment and gratitude. On the days I remember to look at my husband, to really look at hi…

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