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Hurry Up and Wait

It has been over a month since we finished our home study and we finally met with our resource worker for the last time this afternoon before being assigned to our new permanent caseworker. The waiting is hard at times, but I knew it would be this way. We had been told that after the home study we'd move to the next step, but in reality, we finished the home study and then waited while our file sat on one desk for a week or two and then moved to another desk for a couple more weeks. And that's how it goes.

I made the first phone call on June 5th and here we are three months later, making it to the next big step. Sometimes it seems to be going so quickly and sometimes it seems to drag on and on. I was told we would receive our new caseworker tomorrow, but I doubt I'll hear from anyone before Monday. Either way, we will soon be assigned to the person who will help match us with our future daughter and I am just so excited to move on to this next part of the journey!

As we h…

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