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Do ALL to the Glory of God

Some days I struggle to find motivation to do the mundane tasks that are a part of my daily life as a mom at home. The kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes, the beds are all unmade, and clutter seems to be taking over my home. We're late getting out the door for school, I have nothing planned for dinner, and I don't put on "real pants" all day long. (Can I get an "Amen" for lounge pants?)

That's why reading a verse like this stings. "Do all to the glory of God." Yikes. Have I even done half to His glory today? How do I overcome this mental slump and get back on track? How do I do things like cooking and cleaning to His glory? Does that mean my house has to look perfect all the time? Does that mean I have to be perfect? If that's the case, why bother even trying? I know there's no way I can achieve perfection.

I think the key must lie in my contentment and gratitude. On the days I remember to look at my husband, to really look at hi…

The Storm

Isaiah 43 is full of promises from God to the nation of Isreal. But these promises hold true for us as well. Those who are called by His name, His believers, have His protection. In the middle of a storm, it can be hard to feel that protection, if you're not accustomed to looking for it.

I have heard it said that everyone is either just coming out of some great trial, in the midst of a great trial, or heading into a great trial. Difficulties and heartbreak are a part of our world; there's no escaping them. It's what we do with them that matters.

Friend, if you are experiencing a storm right now, I hope and pray that you will grab God's hand and remember these promises. Although He may not calm the storm, He will walk with you through it. And if you will look at Him, rather than at the storm, you will see that you can get through it with His grace!

Above all, remember that you are precious to God. More precious than any child has ever been to his mother. It's diffi…

I'm Not Good Enough

Last week my littlest clamored for my attention. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” I was busy trying to balance the bank account and finally stopped, rolled my eyes, and said, “WHAT?!” less patiently than I should have.
I wish I were a better mom.
I tried to make a meal in my new pressure cooker and it didn’t turn out very well. I hesitated in the kitchen wishing I didn’t have to tell my husband that we would need to just eat sandwiches for dinner.
I wish I were a better cook.
I had to cancel plans with a friend because I double booked myself on Saturday and just couldn’t do both things. It’s been weeks since we have spent quality time together.
I wish I were a better friend.
I pushed my husband away when he lingered for a longer kiss because I was in a hurry to finish cleaning the kitchen. As if the mess would get worse in those few seconds. He acted like it didn’t bother him, but I know it did.
I wish I were a better wife.
I was late to the school library on my day to volunteer. The other helpers…

Finding Joy

"Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness."
            -- James 1:2-3

I love how the Bible is full of reminders that God can use terrible circumstances for our good. He wants us to count our trials as a joy. It sounds so strange at first, to think that God wants me to find joy in the midst of life's trials. But in order to understand what this really means, we have to understand that joy and happiness are not the same.

I read this morning in my devotions this excellent explanation of the difference between happiness and joy.

"Happiness is based on our current situation, while joy is based on our future. We may not be happy if we lose our jobs, break our legs, or wreck our cars. But we can have joy in knowing that in spite of all these things, God is good."

Do you know this joy? I know for me, there have been times when it has been hard to find. Every time tragedy st…

That The Works of God Might Be Displayed

Gosh, life is hard, isn't it? This morning, I woke up, got ready for the day, and spent some quiet time in the Scriptures while my 3-year-old (my miracle baby) sang and talked to herself in her bedroom. After my devotions, and only slightly less important, my morning coffee, I woke up my 1st grader and got my 3-year-old out of bed. "Mommy, my cold fever is back! I need a snuggle!" she told me. I took her temperature (she was right), and snuggled with her on the couch while periodically shouting at my older daughter to get dressed for school. When she came out and said she wasn't hungry for breakfast, the thermometer came out again and I told her she could change out of her school uniform and into something else because she wasn't going to school today.

I logged onto Facebook for the zillionth time this morning to see if there were any new updates. A family in our class at church has a baby in the PICU at the Children's Hospital. After an accident, she has mul…