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An Eternal Purpose

Recently, someone shared an article with me entitled “Two Minutes To Eternity.” It is the story of a man whose son was born with a genetic defect, lived for two minutes, and then passed into eternity. The man struggles with understanding why God would create this precious child only to allow him to live for two short minutes. But in time the man realizes that his son was not created for an earthly purpose, but for an eternal one.
I have often searched for the purpose in the short lives of my unborn children. I carried four babies, each for less than two months, only to have them ushered straight from my womb (or tube) into the loving arms of my Savior. It is so easy to wrestle with the obvious question - Why? Why would God even allow me to carry a child I would never meet? What was His reason for that?
I have learned that real personal growth almost never happens when the waters are clear and the sailing is smooth. Real growth happens when I fight through a tremendous storm. It is then …


First of all, I feel terrible that I haven't posted an update for my readers concerning my pregnancy. Things are going very well, the baby is healthy and so am I. Since my last post we have confirmed that we are having a baby girl and that I am due December 6th. I have refrained from posting pregnancy updates here on this blog, because I know I have a lot of readers who are going through infertility or have recently experienced pregnancy loss and I want my blog to be an encouragement, not another painful reminder of what they have wanted so much but don't yet have. That being said, for those of you who would like to keep up with my pregnancy and its progression, feel free to visit my new blog - - a journal to my newest daughter.

The pregnancy has been going well, but I'm not always doing as well emotionally as I would like to. Honestly, for the most part, I am much more together than I thought I would be. And most days I am joyful and grateful and e…