The Storm

Isaiah 43 is full of promises from God to the nation of Isreal. But these promises hold true for us as well. Those who are called by His name, His believers, have His protection. In the middle of a storm, it can be hard to feel that protection, if you're not accustomed to looking for it.

I have heard it said that everyone is either just coming out of some great trial, in the midst of a great trial, or heading into a great trial. Difficulties and heartbreak are a part of our world; there's no escaping them. It's what we do with them that matters.

Friend, if you are experiencing a storm right now, I hope and pray that you will grab God's hand and remember these promises. Although He may not calm the storm, He will walk with you through it. And if you will look at Him, rather than at the storm, you will see that you can get through it with His grace!

Above all, remember that you are precious to God. More precious than any child has ever been to his mother. It's difficult to even imagine the scope of God's love for us; it is incomprehensible. He may not shield you from every storm because you would be weak and useless to Him without them. But He will never leave you alone in those storms. If you let Him, He will teach you to walk through them with grace. And when you do, you will be giving Him such a precious form of worship. You can fulfill His purpose for you by bringing Him glory!

I pray that today, no matter what your storm is, that you will look to the Lord and ask Him how you can honor Him in your trial. Maybe you are struggling with infertility and you don't know if God will ever answer your prayer for a baby. Maybe you have suffered a miscarriage and you can't imagine coming out of this fog that you're in. Maybe you have been let down by someone you love. Maybe you have a child who has broken your heart. Maybe you have suffered a financial blow and you don't see how you can possibly make ends meet. Maybe you have lost someone you love dearly and you can't imagine doing life without them.

Today, take your eyes off the storm and place them on Jesus. Read Isaiah 43 and remember that God will never leave you alone in your storm. And then do your best to fulfill His purpose for you today by bringing glory to Him!


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