He Has Heard My Prayer

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My heart is overflowing. My God has been gracious to me. He has heard my prayer!

Today we saw our sweet miracle baby for the third time. The baby has grown perfectly over the last week and looks healthy. (Well, as healthy as a tiny little spot can look!) Today we were even blessed to see the heartbeat. I have been less emotional this time around because I have been so guarded. But when I saw that beautiful blinking heart, one little tear slipped out of my eye and I breathed a prayer of gratefulness to my sovereign God.

The doctor checked my tube again to see if he could determine whether or not I had an ectopic pregnancy as well. More good news. The mass in the tube hasn’t grown or changed at all, indicating that it is not a baby! The doctor guesses it is some kind of cyst related to my pregnancy, perhaps even my corpus luteum, and says that it is not posing any threat to me or the baby. He was very happy to give me the news and I was thrilled to hear it!

Dr. N. said he never ceases to be amazed at women like me who should have almost no chance of being pregnant or having a viable pregnancy. He gave me a great big hug and even insisted on printing a second ultrasound picture so that my husband could have his own. And when he left the exam room I heard him shout to the nurses, “It’s alive!”

It IS alive. My little six-week baby is alive and growing. I can barely even comprehend it! All I can say is that my God is FAITHFUL.

By no means have I completely relaxed about this pregnancy. I think once you have been jaded, as I have, it’s hard to believe that the good news is real until you get to a “safe point.” With my recent miscarriages, I lost both babies before seven weeks. So in about a week I will have reached my “mark” and will be to a point I haven’t reached since I was pregnant with my daughter. But I know that the odds of miscarriage drop significantly around week twelve. I am hoping that when I reach that stage of my pregnancy I will be able to rid myself of these nagging worries.

More than worrying though, I am just thrilled that God has already performed a miracle for me! I always knew he could, I just wasn’t sure if he would.

Now I’m obsessing over when to tell our families and when to tell our friends. I’m afraid people will figure it out before I get to do the big reveal. And I deserve the big reveal! So it’s hard to decide how long I can wait or should wait before sharing this news.

To be honest, I want to shout it from the rooftop right now! But after being so heartbroken four different times, I just want to be a little more sure that this one is going to be THE ONE before we tell the world.

And the person I am most looking forward to sharing this news with? My daughter. My sweet little girl has prayed every single day for God to “give mommy a baby in her tummy.” She wants a baby so badly! I can’t wait to tell her that God has heard her prayers and answered them. It is a moment I will cherish!

I am so grateful! My God is good - all the time.


  1. WOW. I'm reading along and I can't believe what you have gone through with this pregnancy! So scary! What a true miracle. You are such a strong person.


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