Spreading The News

Monday, 13 May 2013

The word is out! We have finally told our families and friends the good news. It has been a great weekend.

Saturday night we had my whole family over to celebrate Mothers Day with my mom. A few months ago my mom had told me she would like to have a Grandmother’s necklace with the birthstones of all of her grandchildren on it - even the babies in heaven. So that’s what we decided to get for her. Of course, I also added the December birthstone for the new baby. I wrote a silly little poem for her to read out loud to reveal to the entire family that we were expecting! Everyone was very surprised. Of course they expressed a little concern and asked if the baby was okay and how sure we were about that. But once I told them that the baby looked perfect everyone congratulated us. It was a fun moment.


Of course, they all had to keep it a secret for just one day. Because the next day was the day we were going to tell my husband’s family. And once they knew, the news would be public! Although the church service wasn’t any longer than usual, it seemed to drag on because I was so ready to share our news. I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but my sister-in-law, Jessica, is expecting as well and we had a plan to tell our in-laws together. (In fact, we are both due on the same day!) So after church we all met at my husband’s parents’ house for lunch. Before we ate we had my Mil (mother-in-law) sit down and open her cards and presents. We saved our gift for last. It was a photo book that we had made that was full of pregnancy announcement photos. The cover said “Coming Soon - December 2013” and had a photo of my daughter and Jessica’s little boy wearing their new “big sister” and “big brother” T-shirts.

When Phyllis started tearing the paper she said, “Oh! It’s a photo book!” When she looked at the cover, she had no words. She made the super-surprised face and then instantly tears came to her eyes and she covered her face. She was overwhelmed - in a GREAT way! She couldn’t believe we were both expecting and due at the same time! After a few moments of tears she managed to come give us great big hugs. It was a really special moment.

I am so excited that my family now knows this great news! And I’m absolutely relieved that I no longer have to act like I feel great when I’m feeling super sick and I don’t have to try to wear regular clothes that squeeze my tummy and make me miserable. I can just be pregnant “out loud” now! This is such a dream come true for me. 

Here are a few photos that were in our photo book...


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