Celebrating My Children During Christmas

I wanted to find a way to incorporate the memory of my children who are in heaven into our Christmas celebration this year. It’s hard to decide how to honor them in a subtle yet meaningful way. I have heard many different ideas - stockings for the babies, a small tree with angels and other special ornaments in their memory, etc. But I just needed something small - something that wouldn’t remind me of the void that was left when I lost these precious children but that would just remind me of how blessed I have been to carry each of them. I decided to get them each an ornament for our Christmas tree.  I chose ornaments that have their first initials and I am really happy that I will be able to put these on the tree each year and celebrate the time I had with them.

These are the ornaments I bought! There is one for Ezra, one for Leilani, and one for Nathaniel. Aren't they pretty?

Remembering the good is a big part of healing. I’m so thankful that God allowed me to carry these children and grateful that I had the opportunity to love them. And I’m glad I was able to find the perfect ornaments for my babies!


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