Kind Of Like A Rainbow

Remember how I said that our bunnies were infertile? Would you believe that my female rabbit had babies today? Today, on the day that I lost my baby, she gave birth to eight little kits! I can’t believe it!

We have had these rabbits since June, I believe. They were fully mature just weeks after we got them. We thought we had two females, but found out one day that one was actually a male. Oops! Statistics say they should have had at least a couple of litters by now. I don’t know much about rabbits, but like anyone else I have heard the term “breed like rabbits” and know full well what it means. And believe me, we’ve seen them try. (Sorry! But it’s true!)

I just find it fascinating that of all days for my little Daphne to have her first litter it is today. Perhaps it is just coincidence, but I can see a message from God through this. It is almost like the rainbow Noah saw after the flood. A promise. The worst is over and the best is yet to come. I have no idea if I will become pregnant again. I have no idea if I’ll suffer another miscarriage or not. I have no idea if God will add to our family or if it is complete just as it is. But I do know that my God is the giver of life. He saw fit to add to our family of bunnies today and it sure feels like a sign that He is not finished with our family yet.

For me, these bunnies give me hope. They show me that even when I think something is impossible I must remember that with God all things are possible.

Here is what we found, although at the time it was outside of the nest. My husband had to put them inside the nest to keep them safe. She had pulled a ton of fur to keep them warm! What a good momma! Sorry for the terrible photos. It was almost dark and I didn’t want to use the flash because their tiny eyes are still so sensitive.

I uncovered them just a tiny bit to take this photo. I hope to get better pictures tomorrow. We have eight kits and I can already tell some will look like Duke and some will look like Daphne. I don’t know how many of them will make it but I’m hoping that Daphne will continue to be a good momma and keep them warm and fed. How exciting!


  1. Love it kristi.... we used to have rabbits and bred them for fun. Your daufhter will LOVE holding them... praying for so much friend!!!


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